Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Stopping by Louie's Auto Body

This is a video of the apparently long-defunct "Louie's Auto Body," located on East Columbus Avenue, in Springfield, MA. This closed shop faces Interstate 91 (northbound), and is a good example of the ugly that Springfield presents to visitors and passers-by.

Just after I shot this video, I was walking past a "resident-at-large" when he called out to me; "Hey - you got 50 cents for me? Merry Christmas!" As I stopped to look to him, he started to walk forward. I put up a hand, gesturing for him to hold up. "I've got nothing for ya, guy," I said. Then I turned around again and continued on my way. I get quizzed for money routinely as I take my walks around the city. They almost always ask for 50 cents. Personally, I think it is rude to ask for money from strangers. But I understand, too, that there are a few folks around these parts who honestly think I'm the rude guy for not coughing up the change. Welcome to Western Massachusetts.



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