Saturday, December 16, 2006

FLASH! Adult Store To Open in Northampton

It's over.

In a climactic ending to a stirring, emotional, and heated battle, Capital Video has finally won approval by the Planning Board of Northampton to open an adult store in that town.

Jeeee-zum crow. Big deal. Few times in our local history has so much press been dedicated to such a ridiculously silly story. So now there's an adult store in Northampton. Of all places! My God, will the shocking unfolding of events never cease?

Who cares? So now the pervs are supposedly going to be hanging out at the local adult video store, trolling for victims? Is that what they do at adult stores in other towns? If this store is as unwanted as its opponents apparently insist it is, they should have just let it open months ago. It may well have gone out of business by now.

As it is now, some folks will probably be checking it off on their "to visit" list just to see what all of the hubub was about.

Or not. Because, as I've mentioned previously........




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