Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Red State Voices

I received a request via e-mail to get out the word on the below project. It seems like it could be pretty interesting, so here it is:

Red State Voices, a film by Neal Weiner will be showing on Vermont
Public Television at 10pm on December 22nd 2006

America is in the midst of a social and political crisis rooted in conflicting ideologies. Whichever side of the fence your on, this documentary is the perfect first step towards mutual understanding and a dialogue that might bring reconciliation and progress. Red State Voices explores the thoughts and attitudes of those who have been demonized by the left, glorified by the right, and trivialized by the media. They turned the 2004 election for Bush. Bigots? Zealots? Dupes? A philosophy professor from blue Vermont goes south to find out who these people really are. He questions 10 of them - black and white; men and women; secular, Christian and Jewish. They talk about abortion, homosexuality, and gender; relativism, tolerance, selfishness, and freedom. These articulate people allow the camera into their homes. We see their kitchens, their books, the pictures on their walls. The results may not change your mind, but they are likely to surprise you.



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