Thursday, December 07, 2006

Planet Mars May Have Water

In a very good news development, researchers examining satellite photos of Mars recently taken from the currently-MIA Mars Global Surveyor have compared them with identical images taken over five years ago and have found signs of movement of the landscape that could be indicative of water. That's great news for Mars lovers like me.

NASA photos

This of course increases the possibility of there being current life on Mars - IF the surface changes are due to water. Now, just to calm you space rookies out there, we are not talking about little green men with antennae on their heads. Even microbial life found underneath the arid surface of Mars would be a historic event.

Water on Mars would also mean that future human missions could use it for nourishment, growing plants, and creating fuel.

Just think, by this time next century, we could have soda cans and candy wrappers littering the surface of our sister world!

Exciting news!


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