Tuesday, August 26, 2008

School Books

I swung by STCC today to buy my books and pick up my student ID. In the book store, the books for my courses were easy enough to find. If anyone did have trouble, there were a couple of folks milling about to help them.

As I waited in line, I glanced around at all the classroom accessories, souvenirs and coffee mugs the store had available for shoppers. I looked to the girl standing in front of me and said, "You'd think for the price of the freakin' books they'd give you a mug."

Since I'm only taking a couple of courses, I said to myself when I got there: "If it's under a hundred bucks I'll use my debit card. If it's over a hundred bucks, I'll use my CitiBank card."

I used my CitiBank card. Way.


After I put my books in my car, I walked over to Building 17 to get my student ID. I had gone to get my photo taken a few weeks beforehand, so I figured it must be available by now. It was. But not before I got a stern look from the lady there for not attending student orientation.

I explained to her that I was away on vacation when the orientation took place.

"You don't have to explain to me," she said - but in That Tone Of Voice that made you feel like you probably did need to explain yourself.

The girl checked my identification on her computer. When my photo came up on the screen, somehow it seemed to me that I looked much older. And I think the girl chuckled a bit when my picture came up on the screen, too. Thanks.

All I'm waiting for now is my parking permit sticker thingy, which I should be getting in the mail from the STCC police any day, now. I noticed while I was there, too, that the maintenance folks were busy re-surfacing and touching up the off-campus student parking areas.

One more week before classes start.

* *

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