Saturday, April 12, 2008

Couric, Gumbel Out

NFL play-by-play impostor Bryant Gumbel is reported to be leaving the NFL Network after two years. The report says it was apparently Gumbel's decision, but isn't that the way these things always seem to go.

Meanwhile, so-called "media sweetheart" Katie Couric is a goner over at CBS News. In Miss Katie's situation, it seems more of a forced retirement, with ratings for the CBS newscast plummeting during her tenure as the evening anchor. Couric currently rates a distant third-place out of the major broadcast networks. She is reportedly scheduled to depart after this November's elections.

I just wanted to point out these two oustings since a.) Bryant Gumbel is a race card-issuing snob (how did he end up so terribly different than his brother, nice guy Greg Gumbel?), and b.) Miss Katie is a liberal schmoozer in the mold of Dan Rather. Better CBS rid themselves of her now before she eventually ends up embarrassing them while on some crusade against the Evil Right.

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At 12:53 PM, Blogger deborah wilson said...

Well, I gotta say it:

I like Katie, even if she is a liberal and I don't agree with all that she says. If she does leave CBS, she'll always be around because she has a likable personality.

Bryant - gee, I stopped watching him eons ago - (Yawn).


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