Tuesday, July 22, 2008

STCC-ing it Out

With limited options for career advancement at my current place of employment, I began to re-align my goals in recent years in the hopes of finding a niche for myself in another field of endeavor.

Getting my Comp-TIA Certification (PC tech) in 2006 was a first step in that direction. Last year I also ramped-up my blogging efforts and decided to focus my stories on my home city, Springfield, MA. That eventually got me this Valley Advocate Reader's Poll award.

Now this year it's time for me to fiddle around with my education. This fall I will be taking two courses (all I can afford on my meager budget) at Springfield Technical Community College. The two courses I'm taking are: Intro. to Mass Communication; and English Composition 1.

Following my placement exam, I actually qualified to take a more advanced English course. But the English Comp One course is a prerequisite for several other media courses I'm aiming at for the spring (2009) and beyond, so that'll do.

I'll try to keep folks posted as I go along. My posting on this blog has been infrequent, however, because of my involvement with a regional collaborative blog, Pioneer Valley Central, which I both post to and design and maintain.

Keeps me busy!

* *

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