Thursday, December 28, 2006

Valley Advocate Attacks Fat Folks - And You Loser Drug Addicts, Too

In a shocking display of bitter hatred that many liberals oftentimes insist only the Right possesses, the Valley Advocate has unleashed a scathing little critique of conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh in its end-of-the-year "Halos and Horns" issue (Dec. 28, page 15), which I myself found rather amusing. In their brief tirade against him, they label Limbaugh a "fat, homophobic, drug-addicted, hypocritical windbag" for mocking the handicapped - namely Michael J. Fox. (On one of his radio shows, Limbaugh had accused Fox of exaggerating the affects of his Parkinsons Disease in TV commercials lobbying for federally-funded stem cell research.)

But aren't the liberal folks over at the Advocate being a tad insensitive themselves by referring to Limbaugh as "fat" and "drug addicted" in a derogatory context? After all, if you're going to complain about someone being mean-spirited, it hardly helps your case to sound every bit as crude and harsh as you say he or she is.

The last time someone publicly referred to someone as "fat" in these parts, it was WRKO radio show host John DePetro, who was fired for calling former gubernatorial candidate Grace Ross a fat lesbian. That was so insensitive of him. But his actual quote - "will someone tell that fat lesbian to shut up" - is similar in context to the Advocate's own written assaults on Limbaugh, not to mention VA editor Alan Bisbort's own routine, often ridiculous, but sometimes hysterical, hate-filled rants against Republican politicians in general and President George Bush in particular.

Apparently, however, making fun of someone's physical failings is only wrong if you happen to be a conservative. Liberals can laugh it up about someone's looks, education, and speaking skills as much as their bleeding hearts desire. And sheesh, VA editors, whatever happened to that caring display of sympathy and understanding when it comes to a person with a drug addiction? Oh well, I guess the same rule applies.

Or am I just being insensitive?

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At 6:55 AM, Blogger MTA said...

What?! They didn't mention his little erectile-dysfunction problem?

At 12:15 PM, Blogger Bill Dusty said...

Ha!... Maybe the editor's *are* sensitive to that particular little problem.


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