Wednesday, February 14, 2007

PETA's State of the Union "Undress"

In the interests of social diversity and political fairness - not to mention the woman in the video is pretty dang nice looking, I have opted to make available the PETA "State of the Union Undress" video. It's a social-awareness video. Really. I'm not kidding. Something about animals, I believe.


Personally, I believe animal testing is essential to medical research. The alternative - testing untried drugs on humans - is not an alternative. As far as the slaughterhouses go, there should be better controls on the treatment of the animals there. It's enough that they're going to be our dinner soon, we shouldn't be torturing them on top of that.

Otherwise.... pass me the beef!

(Warning! Not work-place friendy! If you are offended by nudity, I strongly advise you do not watch this video! )

Watch more PETA videos at

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