Monday, February 12, 2007

Downtown on a Sunday Afternoon

It was a fine day to be outside, so I took one of my strolls up Maple and down State Street on my way to downtown. As I walked onto Main Street, a couple of kids passed by me with a stack of "Prime" newspapers in their clutches. One of them asked if I wanted to buy a copy for 25 cents. That's a terrible deal, of course, since the little newsmagazine is actually free. But still, at least they attempted to offer something in return for some coin (unlike some of our other roaming residents).

After I walked along a little further, however, I came upon a slew of these newsmagazines blowing around all over the place by Court Square. I did this quick film (see below), then made a vain effort to pick up some of the copies. Walking on still further, by the Boland statue, I saw a stack of the newsmags on the sidewalk, only just starting to get blown around. I picked those up and tossed them into a nearby trash barrel (sorry "Prime" folks).

That's one thing about litter in a neighborhood: all it takes is one or two people to make a place look bad. It was especially eerie-looking downtown because it was a Sunday afternoon and the streets were largely empty, so the scene - empty streets, papers blowing all around - reminded me of the Charlton Heston movie, "The Omega Man."





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