Friday, November 09, 2007

Oh, the Irony...

So the autopsy results are out on that woman who died in custody at a Phoenix airport holding cell. As suspected, she accidently strangled herself. This after first getting shit-faced while on her way to an alcohol treatment facilty.

Go figure.

This from the AP article:
Gotbaum was arrested after becoming irate with gate crews who refused to allow her to board a plane. After realizing she missed her flight, Gotbaum used profanity and said, "I'm not a terrorist."

Before her arrest, she was seen on surveillance video running through an airport terminal, bowing abruptly as she appeared to yell and resisting arrest as three officers try to control her. Once handcuffed in the terminal, Gotbaum locked her legs as officers held her by the arms and pushed the still-standing woman through the terminal.

Police said officers took her to the holding room and shackled her to a chain on a bench, where she continued screaming. They checked on her minutes after she stopped screaming, and found her with the handcuffs and chain around her neck area.

Efforts to revive her failed

Somewhere, there is a sad lesson to be learned in this story.




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