Thursday, August 30, 2007

Assorted Photos 8/30/07

Below are just a few (5) photos that I took ealrier this year and never found a place (or post) for them. (Click on each photo for a larger version.)

The newly-renovated apartments on Central Street, Spfld.

This historic depot in East Longmeadow has an uncertain future.

This burned-out house on Greene Street was a chance encounter, as I was passing by doing a video of Eastern Avenue.

I snapped the Hooters entrance as a passing thought, too. I had always meant to go there, but never got around to it.

Main Street, looking towards the South End.

And then there is the monument in the Springfield Cemetery, which from the opposite side - and looking at it from the interior of the cemetery - looks merely like an old, overgrown tree trunk.

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At 2:32 PM, Blogger deborah wilson said...

Hopefully, the depot in East Longmeadow will be saved. It looks almost exactly like the one in Grantville, Ga, which use to also serve as a temporary jail for the Grantville PD, if you can imagine that.


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