Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Action on Adams Street - 8/01/2007

2:10am, Aug 1st, 2007

Trouble in the South End early Wednesday morning, as Springfield Police cruisers filled the streets. They appeared to be in search of someone (or more). By 3:00am, cruisers still cordoned off the corner of Richelieu & Adams Street.

MORNING UPDATE: According to the morning edition of Masslive, a gunfight took place at the corner of Adams Street & Dwight Street Extension. There were no injuries, and two people were arrested. Both suspects - a man and a woman - were charged with multiple firearms violations. Apparently the male suspect, Mario Ortero, who had already fired his weapon, pointed his gun at police officers a couple of times during the incident. Talk about restraint on their part. Ortero is lucky he's alive. More on the story HERE. Below is a short video.

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