Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Powell Begins City Council Bid

Springfield City Council Candidate Karen Powell kicked off her campaign at the John Boyle O'Reilly Club in Springfield, MA, on Tuesday evening surrounded by friends and supporters, including Mayor Charles V. Ryan, various City Councilors of diverse repute, and local political pundit Tommy Devine. John O'Brien, of Bax and O'Brien fame, hosted the event and almost managed not to offend anyone in the crowd (sorry Ben Swan).

First up at the podium was 2006 Teacher of the Year Melinda Pellerin-Duck. Duck talked about Springfield's past troubles and her confidence in Powell's ability to make the right decisions in the future. She recalled their crusades together as they marched and packed the City Council chambers - much to the dismay of the councilors there. She said the citizens of Springfield could no longer afford complacency, and that those in Springfield's leadership needed to rebuild and not let down a public trust that has been betrayed so many times in the past.

Mayor Charles V. Ryan was next up to speak, and he talked about Powell's past efforts to make Springfield a better place to live. He said the Finance Control Board isn't going to be around forever and that the city needed people in office who could pick up where they leave off. He recalled first meeting the Powells when they ran their dog for mayor in 1999 (a protest statement against former Mayor Mike Albano). Ryan talked about his friendship with Karen Powell and his admiration for her determination to see things through get things done, and that it was that kind of drive that the City Council needed.

Karen Powell stepped up to the podium and spoke about her vision for Springfield, which she said has recovered quite a bit from past administrative misdeeds, but which still has a tough road ahead. She supports the work of the Springfield Finance Control, and believes it's important that their work continues. Powell has been active for years in fighting for what she believes are Springfield's best interests, and this campaign will be her first effort at making positive changes "from the inside [of government]."

For more on Karen Powell, check out this Reminder article. Below are some photographs I took while at the event.

Melinda Pellerin-Duck; John O'Brien; Mayor Charles V. Ryan

Karen Powell at the podium.

Karen Powell and supporter Kara Adams

Tommy Devine striking a pose.

That's me, making up for lost time in front of my computer with Kara Adams.

Karen and husband Bob Powell

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