Sunday, June 17, 2007

Simpsons: Missed it by a Hair(do)

[UPDATED: 6-18]
Well, I arrived at Court Square in Springfield, MA, at 2:20pm on Sunday to check out the Simpsons video shoot scheduled for 2:30pm that afternoon. Unfortunately, at the last minute they apparently decided to move up the time to before 2:00pm because of concerns about the weather. I looked around - it didn't exactly look like the "cast of thousands" as later headlined on the Masslive Simpsons blog. I asked around, and got a number of "about a couple hundred." The Republican later confirmed that count in their story on the event.

Oh well. As long as they got their video in.

People were still milling about and getting their Simpsons hairdos while I was there. And I got a neat photo of probably the ugliest bus I've ever seen in my life. Photos are below, and below them is a 5-minute video I took of the post-event.

Click on the photos to enlarge.

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