Wednesday, May 02, 2007

What a Bunch of Poppycock!

Hard as it is to believe, I have never heard of the boxed snack that goes by the name of "Poppycock". When I first saw it in a "Big Lots" store today, I laughed out loud (aka "LOL!") and quickly showed it to another shopper. Oddly enough, she seemed much less amused by the snack's name.

Had I missed something? Was this some new snack named after the popular exclamation? Or has this brand been around for years and I've just been living in a snack-deprived cave?

Poppycock comes in a variety of flavors, too. There's Original, Cashew Lovers, Chocolate Lovers, and Pecan Delight.

Personally, I could never put anything in my mouth that had that kind of a name to it. I was even going to buy a box just to try it out, but I couldn't bring myself to be seen putting it on the cashier's counter.

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