Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Brianna Couture - Spfld Elks "Citizen of the Year"

I had the privilege of attending a Springfield Lodge of Elks event which honored 15-year-old Brianna Couture as their "Citizen of the Year." Brianna is a very brave, well-spoken, and intelligent young lady who offers her time as a spokesperson in the fight against Mitochondrial Disease, an affliction that she herself suffers from. In a time filled with so much bad news and sorrow, Brianna's story reminds us that there is still much good in the world. She is an inspiration to everyone - children and adults alike.

To learn more about Brianna and Mitochondrial Disease, stop by the below links.

- Springfield Lodge of Elks "Citizen of the Year" Brianna Couture
(the above link includes a video)
- MitoAction.org (Mitochondrial Disease Action Committee)

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