Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Hartford Advocate Film Critic Bagged

This little news item was e-mailed to me today: Hartford Advocate film critic John Boonstra was arrested on Friday (May 4th) by police as he arrived in Stamford, CT, for what he thought was a romantic rendezvous with an underage girl. That "little girl" was actually the police, who had been engaged in an online chat exchange with Boonstra (which police say he initiated) for the past several weeks.

What a dumbass.

Let this be a lesson to any would-be child sex predators out there: The police know how you operate, and they are watching out for you.

As for Boonstra, his infamy is secured. He resigned from the Advocate on Monday. Any respect he once had from his reading public is gone. Sure, some of his friends will hang in there with him - hell, knowing the Advocate's culture, they may even feel sorry for him. But he will always have that asterisk next to his name: child sex offender.


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