Thursday, March 15, 2007

Video Tour: Downtown Springfield, MA

A brief video tour of some of the buildings along Court Square and Main Street in Springfield, Massachusetts. As a few folks know, I'm a big fan of old, well designed buildings, and Springfield has a bunch of them. This is a short video, about 4 minutes long.

Too many times in this day-and-age, builders focus far too much on economy over aesthetics. How many times have we driven along and seen these large, square, flat buildings and houses, completely devoid of any style or uniqueness? It's something that older cities like Springfield need to keep a careful balance of - creating the new while retaining the old. These historical buildings lend well to the character of these cities, and in many cases are a part of their souls.

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At 9:11 AM, Blogger sojourner said...

Great tour, Bill! I, too, am curious about the mysterious tower behind Hampden Furniture and am inspired to do some research. Will let you know what I find out.

Glad to see the flowers along Main Street, too. Hope they are hardy little fellows and are ready for the snow.

In Court Square, you glossed over two of my favorite gems: Old First Church, built c. 1819, and designed by Isaac Damon, architect from Northampton (beautiful place inside, too). Also--the Byers Block, the little rick building in between the Court Square Theatre building and the old Chicopee Bank building on the corner of Main. It is my understanding that George Ashmun, prominent lawyer in the 1840's and 1850's located his office there. Mr. Ashmun gave the nominating speech for Abraham Lincoln at the Republican Convention of 1860 (ha--those were the days--Presidental campaigns didn't go on for years before an election).

Thanks for a new perspective of the downtown buildings. By the way--great shot of the blocks near Union and Main. They really are very attractive. Maybe those, too, warrant some research.

At 12:24 PM, Blogger Bill Dusty said...

Thanks for checking out the video. I'll try to fit everyone/everything in eventually! ;-)

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