Thursday, March 08, 2007

Eastern Ave & The Waterfront Club

Another road trip through Springfield brings me to The Waterfront Club. On this adventure, I risk life and limb while traversing the city's notorious Eastern Avenue. The video, however, doesn't tell the story of this street. As I drove along, I looked down the side streets on either side. Most were in just as bad a shape as Eastern Avenue. The rest were in worse shape!

At the Waterfront Club, I explore the exterior of the building and the adjacent park. It was really cold out taking this video. It took about three takes to get it right, and even with gloves on, my hands were going numb.

I swear, they don't pay me enough to do these things :-\

(This blog post marks the first time I've ever written a post and had no misspellings after hitting the "spell check" thingy.)

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