Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Springfield City Dump

If the city is serious about changing its image, then that change needs to begin at the homes. The city government can be blamed for a host of failings, including being permissive of illegal dumping throughout run-down areas of the city. But it is the residents themselves who should take the largest blame for the trashing of our neighborhoods. The city needs to fine, and fine heavily, those homeowners and/or tenants who allow dumping on their street-fronts. We all know they are responsible - if they weren't, they would have reported it. They're just waiting for the city to come by and pick up their old furniture for free. Meanwhile, it is true that the city cannot be everywhere. But when street-front dumping like that pictured below takes place, their job would seem to be fairly easy. There is no excuse for this type of trash littering our streets. Springfield has a bad reputation, and this garbage isn't helping it any.

105 Central Street:

Rowhouses, corner of Maple & Central:

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