Thursday, November 16, 2006

Some Women are Allergic to Sex

Medical studies have shown that some women are indeed allergic to sex with men. This is a disturbing notion, for sure, but I myself have been a strong advocate for the prescribed treatment for this disorder.

Story excerpt:
Women can be allergic to sex with men, but doctors are finding women can overcome this allergy through regular sex combined with treatments derived from semen.

"It's really a very rare condition, but it does happen," allergist and immunologist David Resnick at New York Presbyterian Hospital told

To desensitize a woman's immune system against semen, doctors can either apply diluted samples of semen to a woman's vagina every 20 minutes, gradually increasing the concentration over the course of several hours, or the women can receive allergy shots containing small amounts of semen over the course of several weeks. Both techniques require sex two or three times a week to train their immune system.



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